Anaxsys' patented sensor technology enables innovative respiratory devices that provide accurate, reliable, simple to use and cost effective means to improve patient outcomes. 

Anaxsys' product ranges are targeted at patient monitoring, screening and diagnostics in the areas of asthma, vital signs, sleep apnoea and lung cancer. 

This development programme includes collaboration with industry experts and clinical trials to demonstrate the clinical benefit of the products and to support future product marketing and sales. 

Asthma and COPD Diagnosis and Management

Our focus is the development of an innovative asthma monitoring system to alleviate the burden of asthma on sufferers and healthcare systems through improved self-management. The Anaxsys sensor platform detects and enables the profiling of moisture in the breath. The shape of this breath profile is uniquely indicative of asthma symptom status. Changes to the shape of these profiles over time will be monitored and the trend data used to detect deterioration in their condition. Asthmatics subconsciously compensate for their condition and are typically unaware that there is any deterioration until they suffer from an asthma attack.

The Anaxsys Asthma Monitoring device (The Breathe Easyflow) has a number of key unique selling points:

The unique value proposition- Monitor, Manage, Control.

No more forced expiration. The Breathe Easyflow breath test is a unique test for lung inflammation - easy for all asthma sufferers to achieve including children and the elderly with no discomfort.

No manual input of results required. Results clearly displayed for action in accordance with management plans.

For the first time, an easy and comfortable monitoring test, combined with guidance for medication in line with patient management plans, will enable proper management and therefore control of asthma. To date:

We have tested prototypes in pilot clinical studies.

The mouthpiece and sensor design are patented.

The prototype for a small challenge study and a large scale comparator study have been developed (with grant funding support from InnovateUK obtained for both studies).

Our product has been validated by early market access activities - patient and healthcare professionals endorsed the benefits in an independent Proof of Market Study.

Lung Cancer Screening

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States. The overall 5 year survival rate of lung cancer patients is approximately 16%. A recent study of 150 subjects demonstrated that the Lung Cancer Screening device detected already diagnosed lung cancer reliably and identified undiagnosed lung cancer in the target population.
The device has the potential to provide a low cost, safe screening tool for lung cancer at a primary care level potentially enabling earlier intervention and improving patient survival. 

Sleep Apnoea

The Anaxsys sensor has been shown to be able to measure breathing patterns that have a potential application in the diagnosis of sleep apnoea. A product is being developed in conjunction with leading clinicians in the field of sleep apnoea.