Anaxsys is a medical device company committed to improving patient lives through innovation and cooperation with like minded healthcare professionals - it is the basis of the company vision. 

Anaxsys has developed and patented core sensor technology which is enabling the company to develop and market a range of novel respiratory devices that challenge existing solutions and deliver improved patient outcomes. 

Anaxsys employs a team of highly skilled cross-industry professionals with a wealth of technical, commercial and marketing experience, which is bolstered by an advisory board of leading clinicians.  A shared dedication and passion for excellence is the company ethos that underpins its commitment for developing medical devices to meet clinical needs and offer considerable advantages for patients and healthcare professionals. 


Anaxsys has developed a sensor technology platform that has a range of applications including patient monitoring, screening and diagnostics in the areas of asthma, vital signs, sleep apnoea and lung cancer. 

In 2008 Anaxsys initiated a development programme for respiR8®, a continuous respiratory rate counter.  The clinical trials were completed in April 2010 with excellent results, and respiR8® was launched in the UK in November 2010.